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Advance Care Plan

The online course “Advance Care Plan” is designed to help individuals and healthcare professionals understand the importance of advance care planning and provide them with the tools to create effective care plans. Participants will learn to identify their values and preferences, communicate them effectively, and ensure their wishes are respected. The course is suitable for anyone who wants to plan for their medical care or support others in doing so.   


What You Will Learn in This Free online course 


The free online course “Advance Care Plan” covers various essential topics related to advance care planning. Here are some of the critical things you will learn:  

  • The benefits of advanced care planning for individuals, families, and healthcare providers.  
  • Start the conversation about advance care planning with loved ones and healthcare professionals.  
  • Identifying personal values, preferences, and goals is essential when creating an advanced care plan.  
  • How to communicate your wishes effectively and ensure they are respected.  
  • Legal considerations related to advance care planning, including advance directives and healthcare proxies.  
  • Common barriers to advance care planning and strategies for overcoming them.  
  • How to review and update your advance care plan over time to ensure it remains relevant to your current needs and preferences.  

By the end of the course, participants will have a solid understanding of advance care planning and the tools and resources they need to create an effective plan for themselves or support others in doing so. 

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